Looking after your  jewellery 

Each piece of

The Wild Path jewellery

is hand foraged with love, care & made to last from recycled sterling silver & Earth made materials.


For the Wild Within Your Soul.


Love me & Wear me often so I can shine but to ensure you protect me It's best to avoid contact with harsh environments, oils/perfumes. Some silver polishing compounds may effect oxidised areas.

Use your polishing cloth if I've been kept in your jewellery box for a while to bring back my sparkle. Sterling silver will tarnish over time when not being worn, to help prevent this I have applied renaissance wax but also while storing your piece try to keep it in an air tight bag.

If you need to clean me, less is more.. mild soap & water is fine on the metal but mind your Gemstone, do not submerge in water.  Stone hardness varies and some are more delicate than others.  

Feel free to contact me with any questions.