Home Of The Honey Comb 


A Collection of pieces that pay homage the Bees. Silver Leaf + vine and a little gold fill Bee to boot.


The Measurements: Measures a size 6.75 US   - please note: wide bands fit snugger usually around half a size



The Metal: Your piece has been forged in recycled precious metals, sterling silver & Fine silver and a little gold filled Bee.


The Build: Each item is crafted + finished by hand and will show signs of the maker that produced them, it’s what makes each handcrafted piece unique and gives it character and soul. I will always use recycled metals where possible, though this isn’t always possible for every element but I’m always striving to expand in this area.


Care: Please refer to the care section, I strongly advise giving it a read and storing your item as advised. I recycle silica gel packets and pop them in your packaging – keeping it in your jewelry box or air tight bag with the item will keep it moisture free. They absorb moisture and are non-toxic. Keeping your jewelry box free of moisture will slow the tarnishing process. Please keep safely away from children as they can pose a choking hazard.


The Packaging: I’m not 100% recycled yet but I’m almost there with just a few changes left to make. The bulk of your packaging is recycled though and I encourage you to reusing what you.



Shipping: please refer to shipping section

Due to covid-19 postal services are experience delays worldwide, thank you for your patience should you be effected














Size 6.75 Original Home Of The Honey Comb Ring