Home Of The Honeycomb

Collection Release: Sunday the 22nd of Sept @ 1pm CST

A collection inspired by dear little Bees, one with nature in mind.

Lush shades of green from the emeralds and prehnite, contrasting beautifully with the brass Bees and sterling silver, setting off the bold Wideband Bee Rings. A nice heavy weight that sits smoothly on the finger. If however you love something a little more dainty I crafted a new ring band with the hexagons of the honeycomb in mind sitting beside a stunning deep green raw Emerald.

The icon of the collection though would have to be my very unique and one of a kind Honeycomb Flower Rings. Simple Silver, Sleeping Beauty Blue Turquoise and a new design for this release, a Citrine Sunflower.

My Honeycombs are hollow form hexagons completely handcrafted and filled with lots of love. For this collection I gathered several different types Gemstone to be used in this design, including: Tanzanite, Peach Moonstone, Rainbow Moonstone, Prehnite, Sunstone, Citrine and Turquoise so far I've only had the time to bring you 2 of those but the update isn't here yet so here's to hoping I get to make more. I'm also dreaming of necklaces adorned with Bees or Flowers....

Work in progress. Including a sneak peek of one piece I haven't previewed yet.

A closer look at the Wideband Bee Rings

A collection with a handful of one off pieces, available this Sunday.

Thank you, Lots Of Love,


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